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More Pictures of OCWiC 2015!

Were you at the conference? Look at the pictures and find yourself!

Pictures from Friday Night's Party!

The OCWIC ladies know how to have fun! Check out the pictures from the Friday night party:

Posters! And the winners are .....

Congratulations to the Poster session winners!

  • Dynamic Selfish Routing, by Christine Antonsen, Oberlin College
  • Alexander Polynomial Program, by Kiera Dobbs, College of Wooster
  • In addition, the following posters received honorable mention.

  • The Use and Misuse of Disposable Email, by Samantha Mater, Krista Lafentres, Stephen Checkoway, Cynthia Taylor, Oberlin College
  • I AM AI - Interactive Actor Modeling for Introducing Artificial Intelligence: A Senior Capstone Project, by Alexandra Coman, Victoria Kerr, Thomas Bowersock, Yuki Matoba, Andrew Warren, Ohio Northern University
  • Ready for OCWiC 2015?

    Ready for your trip?
    OCWiC 2015 is your lighthouse! Come and join us .... we are heating up!
    See you at the Lodge at Sawmill Creek Resort in Sandusky tomorrow!

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    OCWiC15 Program - Two Amazing Days

    Friday's Schedule

    Have you wondered how we'll fit all of those tech talks, workshops, panel discussions and poster sessions into two days? And still have time for lots of networking, food and a party? The schedule is up now. Go take a look!

    Strategically Recruiting Women into Undergraduate Computer Science Programs

    Increasing the number of women who enroll in undergraduate computer science courses requires that we actively recruit. This session will focus on strategies that are most likely to yield high returns on your efforts. We will discuss how to identify your target audience, and how to craft messages about computing that emphasize interest, relevance, and belonging. We will explore strategies for reaching promising students, including methods that capitalize on existing programs and partners. Finally, we will discuss the need to track the success of your efforts, in order to refine your strategies for attracting more women to computing.

    Lego Robotics Workshop

    An exciting introduction to the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics

    Learn mechanical design and programming LEGO robots in Java using LeJOS firmware. Working in teams, the students will use LEGO elements, motors and sensors to build different robots and program them in Java to make the robots move, react and make sounds to solve various challenges.

    Invited Speaker

    Lynn Andrea Stein is a founding faculty member at Olin College of Engineering, Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science, and Associate Dean and Director of the Collaboratory. Stein's research, at Olin since 2000 and over the prior decade on the MIT faculty, spans the fields of artificial intelligence, programming languages, and human-computer interaction. She is co-author of foundational documents of the semantic web and the "mother" of a humanoid robot and an intelligent room. Stein has been innovating in computing and engineering curricula for more than three decades, with an emphasis on hands-on pedagogies, interactive technologies, and student engagement. Stein runs workshops to stimulate curricular creativity, empower student-motivating pedagogic experimentation, and catalyze departmental and institutional change. She consults with a wide range of US and international institutions, serves on curricular ad.

    OCWiC 2015 * February 20-21, 2015

    Celebrate the 2015 Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing (OCWiC) at THE LODGE at Sawmill Creek Resort

    OCWiC is an opportunity for young women to explore careers in IT, to network with other young women and to meet possible mentors. OCWiC hopes to encourage women to complete their studies in computing by exploring careers and meeting women leaders from business, industry and academia.

    Attendees will be women majoring in computing fields from universities and colleges all over Ohio as well as women teaching and working in computing careers.
    We invite the submission of proposals for participation in the following session categories:

        • Research Overview Talks
        • Student Short Talks
        • Career Discussions
        • Posters
        • Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Session
        • Activity-based Session

    Submissions will made electronically at

    Check the website in early September for an announcement about when submissions will begin.
    If you have questions, please contact Dr. Sofia Visa, Program Chair, at

    Let’s Celebrate Ohio Women in Computing!!

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